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14 11 2011

Red Ribbon Week 2011

Red Ribbon Week was celebrated last month from Oct. 22 – 30. The events were organized by the Student Council to teach students about the importance of being drug free.

“Red Ribbon Week is basically a week where the students do something each day to support being drug free,” student council member Jamie Moore said. ”It raises awareness of why students should be drug free.”

The events involved dressing up in weird clothes every day of the week. On Monday it was Cowboy day, then Red day, Camo day, Black day and School Spirit day. Each day has it’s own message but some students think the events could be better.

“ They make the students dress out in special outfits, so I guess it works, but I think a pep rally would be better,” sophomore Carlos Arochi said.

Arochi said that a pep rally would be effective because it would get students more excited, they wouldn’t be bored by the events used. Moore said he thought that the events were well thought out and just needed more students to be involved.

“ I helped organize Red Ribbon Week,” Moore said, “ I think the events are good but they could be improved.”

Red Ribbon Week was started after the Enrique Camarena foundation, a foundation based on the life of Enrique Camarena. Camarena was an undercover DEA officer who died on the job; the foundation helps teach students and children the importance of being drug free so more people like Camarena do not have to put their life at risk.

“ I feel like the Red Ribbon Week is very important to this school and its students,” Arochi said.

Red Ribbon Week is celebrated annually around the nation, this year’s slogans included cowboy up against drugs, red to show your support against drugs and for the Rangers, join the war against drugs on Camo day, black out drugs on black day and show your spirit to be drug free on Spirit day.

“ I think the events should involve the students more, I feel like it would make it a more important event in their eyes,” Moore said.

The dates for next year’s Red Ribbon Week have not been set yet, but all schools in the district, including elementary schools, will celebrate it. Red Ribbon Week was first celebrated in Imperial Valley, Cal. In 1985, since then it has been celebrated at high schools across the nation.

By doing the News writing project i learned how to conduct a proper interview and how to quote the interview in a story. The hardest part of the project was finding enough quotes to fill up the story


Current event

11 10 2011

Steve Jobs, Apples Co-Founder and ex-CEO , died on Wednesday, October 5th in Palo alto California . He died from a long time battle with pancreatic cancer. Steve Jobs was a visionary who helped apple become the powerful company that is is today, I think that it is a very big loss, because he was one of the best innovators of our time period.  You can read about him at



20 09 2011

I think that school administrators should have the right to censor people because students should not be allowed to publish stories that they have no involvement in. the may not have all the facts needed to make a fair article so it would not be fair for them to publish it. Anything related to school should not be censored though, unless it causes direct harm to any bodies reputation.

September 11th 2001.

16 09 2011

I thought that picture of the American flag in the middle of all the rubble was the most powerful. It showed the world that no matter what happened to us the U.S.A. would never give up, it showed how strong our country was.

American Flag

I think it would have been terrible to be a journalists near the World Trade Centers. You would be dazed and confused, and have no idea what had just happened, and your life would be in significant danger. and if you stayed behind you would end up getting sick in a few years like many of the firefighters did. I would like to say that i would have stayed behind , but realistically i think i would have left there as fast a i could.

I listened to the story’s of Jim Riches and his family , Valerie Plame Wilson, and Ali Abbas. It added onto how i feel, I’ve always looked at it as a huge tragedy, but i was never personally affected by it, none of my family member had been hurt. Getting the individual, personal details of the family members who died, made e imagine how it would feel if any of my family had been there that day.

I think they chose to do it this way so that we could here the story from their point of views, this brings us closer to them than any newspaper article ever could. We can see their emotions and the pain on their faces when they tell their stories.

9/11 is my uncle’s birthday, and ever since 2001 it has never been the same, no one is ever happy on that day, and i don’t think we ever will be able to be happy on that day once we think back to what happened. It changed every single one of us, the way we acted, the way we viewed things, it brought us closer together as a nation, we became one people,  we weren’t separated by our individual differences on that day, we were Americans.

Kanye West and Jay-Z Perform on VMA’s

31 08 2011

The 28th annual VMA’s occurred on Sunday night. There were performances by Lady Gaga,Beyoncé, Lil Wayne, Bruno Mars, Pitbull and Ne-Yo, Young the Giant and Chris Brown among others, while all of these performances were good, i think that the best performance was the surprise appearance of Kanye West and Jay-Z as they performed their new song “Otis” Together. The performance started with a sample form the late Otis Redding, and then fire started to shoot out from the stage. After that you see Kanye and Jay-Z walking down the stage, starting the song. Soon after a huge American flag floated down, and a man attempted to storm the stage, The song ended with them saying the line ” Ye is chillin, Jay is chillin, what more can i say? we killing em.” The crowd was pleasantly surprised because the two were not among the artist scheduled to perform, but they stole the show form those who were and gave us the performance of the night.

Oti from Puna TV on Vimeo.

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29 08 2011

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