September 11th 2001.

16 09 2011

I thought that picture of the American flag in the middle of all the rubble was the most powerful. It showed the world that no matter what happened to us the U.S.A. would never give up, it showed how strong our country was.

American Flag

I think it would have been terrible to be a journalists near the World Trade Centers. You would be dazed and confused, and have no idea what had just happened, and your life would be in significant danger. and if you stayed behind you would end up getting sick in a few years like many of the firefighters did. I would like to say that i would have stayed behind , but realistically i think i would have left there as fast a i could.

I listened to the story’s of Jim Riches and his family , Valerie Plame Wilson, and Ali Abbas. It added onto how i feel, I’ve always looked at it as a huge tragedy, but i was never personally affected by it, none of my family member had been hurt. Getting the individual, personal details of the family members who died, made e imagine how it would feel if any of my family had been there that day.

I think they chose to do it this way so that we could here the story from their point of views, this brings us closer to them than any newspaper article ever could. We can see their emotions and the pain on their faces when they tell their stories.

9/11 is my uncle’s birthday, and ever since 2001 it has never been the same, no one is ever happy on that day, and i don’t think we ever will be able to be happy on that day once we think back to what happened. It changed every single one of us, the way we acted, the way we viewed things, it brought us closer together as a nation, we became one people,  we weren’t separated by our individual differences on that day, we were Americans.




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